From Ex to Excellence Audio Book


This is the entire book From Ex to Excellence read by the author. Available in downloadable form.

  • How to improve your self-image and self-confidence.
  • How to create wealth.
  • How to lessen the stress of divorce.

“This is the first and only ‘success book’ written specifically for divorced men.” Jerod Allen




Finally, A Real Strategy For Divorced Men!

In the vast majority of divorces the woman gets the kids, the house,
its contents and a check every month. The man gets… to pay for it all.
Even though this so obviously unjust, no one stands up for the divorced man…
until now.

Someone is finally saying “it’s tome to change things!” This book exposes the
family law system for unjustly finacially decimating men and for preventing
them from being active in their children’s lives.

For the first time someone is telling men more than “That’s just
how it is.” Brian Dillon says in spite of how the deck is stacked,
a man can change his circumstances right now. In this book you will learn
how to get your life back! Things like:

• How to lessen the stress of divorce.
• How to take back control of you life.
• How to develop winning attitudes & habits that last.
• How to financially recover & actually create wealth.
• How to deal with your emotions.
• How to “move on”.
• How to manifest everything that you want into your life!

If you’re ready to get past your divorce and get on with your life this
book is your success manual! Written by a man who’s been there.


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