For about the cost of one night out you can learn the higher-level thinking that brings “total success”. This course is not a pep rally to entertain you. It is advanced instruction for those who are serious about success. You will hear unique life changing concepts that you can use over & over to create more & more wealth & happiness. Ideas, concepts & philosophies that will continually guide you to success after success. Chapters are:


Section 1 Introduction

Section 2 The First Key

Section 3 The Subconscious Mind

Section 4 Manifesting

Section 5 The Second Key


Section 6 Benefits of a Negative Mental Attitude

Section 7 Beyond PMA

Section 8 More on Manifesting

Section 9 Meditation

Section 10 Visualization

Section 11 Ego

Section 12 Why People Don’t Stay Motivated

Section 13 Review

Section 14 Closing

Workbook (included)

Segments are less than 20 minutes so you can easily learn one concept each day.

Video Course

Life of Excellence Video Course

It doesn’t matter if you are divorced or single, male or female, this course will teach you how to live a life of abundance & excellence.


The two missing keys to your success.


How to manifest abundance and why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you.


How to get and Stay positive.


How to get and Stay motivated.


BONUS SECTION: How to meditate.

Audio Book

From Ex to Excellence Audio Book

Brian recommends reviewing this material several times, the audio book is a great way to review.

“This is the first and only ‘success book’ written specifically for divorced men.”

Jerod Allen

"Everything a divorced man needs is in this one book."

From Ex to Excellence Book

Life of Excellence Video Course

From Ex to Excellence Audio Book

“Brian recommends the book & audio be used together because the material in the book should be reviewed several times. Read the book first then listen to the audio while driving, etc. This will allow you to internalize all of the information in the book.”

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