When Brian Dillon was in his twenties, he consistently earned a six-figure income. Unfortunately, he got divorced and had to walk away from his home, all of the contents and had to pay his ex thousands per month.

He moved across the country, opened a new business and in a short period of time was once again earning big money. He again got divorced, and again had to walk away from his home and contents. And he was ordered to pay his new ex thousands per month!

He was outraged by the obvious anti-male bias of the family law system. Summoning the courage to rise from the ashes one more time, he vowed to expose the corrupt divorce system and to teach the men victimized by it how to overcome the odds and achieve massive success.

For the third time Brian started over with nothing, worked his way to the top and ultimately retired a millionaire – while in his early fifties. He has written this book to teach divorced men how to succeed. How to deal with divorce. How to reach financial independence. How to gallantly go from their ex to excellence.

“Everything a divorced man needs is in this one book.”